Dario Martinelli

SESSION I: Conflicts & Challenges in and around Veganism || 10:00-10:30

Dario Martinelli is Full Professor at KTU, Lithuania. He published a.o. eight monographs in animal studies and ethics.

Kadri Aavik

SESSION I: Conflicts & Challenges in and around Veganism || 10:30-11:00

Dr. Kadri Aavik is an Associate Professor of Gender Studies at Tallinn University, Estonia. Her previous research has focused on men’s veganism and institutional resistance to veganism. Her latest books are Contesting Anthropocentric Masculinities: Lived Experiences of Vegan Men (Palgrave, 2023) and Feminist Animal and Multispecies Studies: Critical Perspectives on Food and Eating (co-edited with Kuura Irni and Milla-Maria Joki) (Brill, 2024).

Christopher Sebastian

SESSION I: Conflicts & Challenges in and around Veganism || 11:00-11:30

Christopher Sebastian is a journalist, technical writer, and adjunct lecturer. He teaches in the School of Journalism, Media, and Visual Arts at Anglo-American University in Prague. He writes about food, politics, media, pop culture, and (of course) animals.

Ruby Ramsden

SESSION II: Deconstructing the Glocal Community || 12:00-12:30

Ruby Ramsden is a third-year doctoral student at the University of Melbourne, focusing on the vegan movement in Japan.

Lucya Passiatore

SESSION II: Deconstructing the Glocal Community || 12:30-13:00

Lucya Passiatore is a cultural anthropologist graduated with honors from Tallinn University, with her research “Listening to the Invisible: an Eco-Acoustic Ethnography of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem”. The work, awarded the 2nd place for the Best Student Work at TLU, intricately explores the nexus between culture and environment, specifically examining the local ramifications of climate change. Presently, Lucya is dynamically engaged in organizing seminars and events that delve into social and ethical injustices. Simultaneously, she is channeling her expertise into the preparation of her Ph.D. in environmental anthropology, focusing on the study of the local impacts of climate change within Southern Italian communities. Lucya Passiatore stands as a dedicated researcher, committed to unraveling the intricate threads that connect culture, environment, and societal challenges.

just wondering, Maria Martelli

SESSION II: Deconstructing the Glocal Community || 13:00-14:00

SESSION III: Leave No One Behind || 14:30-14:50

just wondering… is a small autonomous collective that creates critical and speculative animated essays. The productions often explore anti-speciesism, posthumanism, social and environmental justice. The collective consists of Aron Nor, independent researcher and self-taught filmmaker-artivist, Mina Mimosa, visual artist and illustrator, and M. Martelli, writer and researcher-activist.

Ronnie Lee

SESSION III: Leave No One Behind || 14:50-15:20

Ronnie was one of the founders of the Animal Liberation Front but is now involved in vegan outreach.

pattrice jones

SESSION III: Leave No One Behind || 15:20-15:50

pattrice jones is a cofounder of VINE Sanctuary, an LGBTQ-led refuge for farmed animals. Best understood as a multispecies community co-created by its nonhuman members, VINE works for social and environmental justice as well as animal liberation. An internationally recognized ecofeminist theorist as well as an experienced activist, pattrice jones has authored two books of interest to conference attendees: The Oxen at the Intersection (Lantern Books, 2014) and Bird’s-Eye Views (VINE Press, 2023).