How does your donation help?

The aim of animal advocacy organization Loomus is to make both Estonia and the world in general more animal-friendly. Loomus focuses on animals used in the fashion industry, entertainment, beauty industry and agriculture. The principal activities of Loomus include awareness-raising, lobbying and participation in legislative initiatives, organisation of events, cooperation with foreign organisations, representing Estonia in international associations, and developing the field of animal protection.

Every donation is an important step towards a more animal-friendly society!

Donate to LOOMUS MTÜ (Reg. nr. 80222016)


Every victory has its price. Behind every victory, there are hundreds, if not thousands, working hours. This hasn’t stopped us so far and won’t stop us in the future either. We cannot put a price tag on the suffering of animals. We cannot say that the prevention of suffering is not worth so many working hours or other resources. Every challenge we conquer prevents a lot of suffering and makes the world a better place. It makes us eager to work harder to protect even more animals.

Loomus values rising animal-friendly thinking, behaviour and consumption, therefore we have launched a vegan program Taimsed Valikud (Plant-based Options), animal rights podcast Loomade Hääl (Voice of Animals), campaign Armas Kala (Dear Fish), animal-friendly beauty working group LILU (Animal-friendly Beauty) and we also organize international animal rights conference.

  • For 5 € we can spread animal-friendly messages on social media.
  • For 10 € we can publish and distribute information materials, leaflets and stickers with animal-friendly messages. We can also organize lectures and events to discuss topics related to animal rights for our volunteers.
  • For 25 € we can participate in workshops, publish one podcast episode and organize and participate in public events.
  • For 50 € we can pay membership fees of international organizations and support Foxes Taika and Viima who live in Tuulispää sanctuary.

The organisation is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. Read more about taxes here: Donations and taxes.