An international demonstration to support a fur ban was organized in Tallinn

On June 29, organizations from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland organized an international demonstration in Tallinn to support a ban on fur farming in the Baltic states. The demonstration was attended by 100 people wearing dark clothes, to commemorate the millions of fur animals who have died and to emphasize strong cooperation between animal rights activists from different countries.

Representatives from animal rights organizations of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Holland, Belgium and Norway held speeches during the event, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in banning fur farming. It was the biggest fur demonstration in Estonia during the last years.

“On fur farms, a lot of animals suffer and die for a luxury product. That is why the topic of banning fur is very relevant in all the Baltic countries,” said the spokesperson of Loomade Nimel Anita Jürson. “We are happy that the demonstration was attended by so many people, who sent a message to the public that banning fur farming would be a right decision.”

“It is time to bring the laws in accordance with the values of society. 65 per cent of the Latvian population is against rising animals for fur. Therefore we believe that the industry will not remain here for long,” commented Aivars Andersons from the Latvian organization Dzīvnieku brīvība.

The main organizer of the demonstration was an Estonian animal rights organization Loomade Nimel. Other organizations involved were NGO animal advocacy organization Loomus from Estonia, Dzīvnieku brīvība from Latvia, Lithuanian animal rights organizations Tušti narvai and Už gyvūnų teises, Otwarte Klatki from Poland, Oikeutta Eläimille from Finland, Ongehoord from the Netherlands, Vega Mara from Belarus.