Renowned Estonian fashion designer Xenia Joost to become fur free

A well-known Estonian fashion designer Xenia Joost is the 13th Estonian brand to join the international Fur Free Retailer program. She will join such world-famous companies as Armani, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Esprit, Lindex, Etnies, O’Neill and others. 

“Great changes begin with small decisions. By changing our own attitudes and behavior, we have taken at least one step on our new road. I don’t think we’ll wake up in a whole new world tomorrow just because of that, but I believe we can push the norms of our society with the choices we make, so that the taboos of yesterday will become a natural choice not just for us, but also for others, who have been ignited by our journey,” said Xenia Joost.

Xenia Joost is an Estonian fashion designer, who has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts and practiced by Vivien Westwood Fashion House in London. Joost’s creation has been presented and sold internationally in Europe, America, Russia and Asia.

In addition to Xenia Joost, the following Estonian companies have joined the program: Aus Design OÜ, WÖÖ, Kalle HT, KÄT, Perit Muuga, Mari Design, TUUB, Reval Denim Guild, Les Petites design shop, fashion chain LAV Organic Lifestyle, lifestyle shop Slow and design shop Tali. The representative of the Fur Free Retilare program in Estonia is NGO animal advocacy organization Loomus.

“Xenia Joost’s decision is a huge compliment to our work and the “Fur Free Retailer” program,” said Annika Lepp, communication manager of Loomus. “The fact that a highly appreciated fashion designer joins the fur free program is a sign of both trust and support. Fur free fashion designers know that animal and nature friendliness are aspects highly valued among conscious consumers.”