Animals should not be used as accessories or entertainment

On Saturday, 5th of February, Estonian singer Laura Põldvere performed on Eesti Laul, Estonian pre-Eurovision contest, with a living boa snake named Loch Nessa. Laura did not take part in the contest this time, but she has represented Estonia on Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and 2017. Laura’s performance was pre-recorded, but Loch Nessa was at the concert live show as well.

After we had expressed our concern at using animals as accessories, some media channels also picked it up and asked Laura for comments. As a response to online media channel Delfi, Laura just asked if Britney was also questioned after she used a python on the stage in 2001. Interestingly, the owner of Loch Nessa said that he understands Loomus’ concern (and made sure she was treated well).

That Britney Spears incident happened more than 20 years ago when Britney came on stage with a snake, it was questioned by animal rights activist, and 15 years later she admitted it was a mistake. We in Loomus strongly believe that animals should not be used as accessories or entertainment.

In Estonia it is illegal to use wild animals (including boas) as entertainment in public events. The video was filmed privately, but she was also featured in the live event that was public, which can be seen here.

Last year Annika Hugosson also talked about the issue on the Animal Futures conference held by Loomus – “The ethical ramifications of snake accessorization: confronting the usage of snakes and their skins in fashion”.

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