Estonian animal rights activists to hold march in support of banning fur farms

Estonian animal rights organization Loomus is to hold its traditional march in support of animals in Tallinn’s Old Town on Saturday to draw attention to the need to ban fur farms.

The march is to start from the Viru Gates at noon and proceed through the Old Town to the Riigikogu building, where speeches will be held, Loomus said.

“This is the third time already that we are organizing this march to draw the legislators’ attention to the modern values of society and issue a signal as to what is and is becoming increasingly important today,” spokespeople for Loomus said. “Animal welfare and environmental protection have long ceased to be empty words, but are topical and serious issues. It is time for big changes.”

According to Loomus, in February, MPs are planning to once again submit a bill banning the farming, breeding and propagation of animals in Estonia for the purpose of fur.

All animal rights organizations operating in Estonia have expressed support for the banning of fur farms. Fur farms have been banned in 14 countries. Loomus has collected over 54,000 signatures to an international petition seeking a ban on fur farms in Estonia.

Translation: BNS/TBT Staff
Published in The Baltic Times