New Fundraising Project „I Am on the Side of the Animals“

Loomus can operate thanks to its kindhearted supporters and eager volunteers. We added a new project „I Am on the Side of the Animals“ to the crowdfunding platform „Ma armastan aidata“, so that we could do even more for the animals.

Make a one time donation or become a regular donater here:

Loomus values rising animal-friendly thinking, behaviour and consumption, therefore we have launched a vegan program Taimsed Valikud (Plant-based Options), animal rights podcast Loomade Hääl (Voice of Animals), campaign Armas Kala (Dear Fish), animal-friendly beauty working group LILU (Animal-friendly Beauty) and we also organize international animal rights conference. In addition we also collaborate with both Estonian and international organisations, to shape animal-friendly politics and raise awareness about animal rights.

Thank you for being on the side of the animals!