NGO Loomus made an appeal about Karjaküla fur farm to the veterinary board

Based on the video material that was published in the Estonian National Television’s program “Pealtnägija” on November 19, animal advocacy organisation Loomus made an appeal about Karjaküla fur farm to the Estonian Veterinary and Food Board concerning several breaches of animal act.

According to Loomus, there were fox cages that did not include the required nest boxes, platforms and digging possibilites. Several cages lacked scraping woods that would give the foxes one of the possibilities for intrinsic activities. Some of the foxes also suffered from health disorders such as eye abscess and overbreeding.

The regulation of the breeding of fur-bearing animals, that came into force already in September of 2010, states that an animal must be able to behave naturally in the cage or in a corresponding construction. The animal must be able to clean itself, lie down, strech the limbs, dig, chew, etc. The height of the cage must enable the animal to stand in an observing position, on its back legs. The animal must be able to climb and jump. The cage or the constrcution must include a chewing item, climbing trail and material suitable for intrinsic activities. An adult fox must be able to sit and lie on the roof of a nestbox or there should be a separate platform for that. 

The above mentioned requirements are officially recognised in Europe and are based on the recommendations of the European convention for the protection of animals kept for farming purpose.