Popular Estonian fashion brand created a charitable collection to support a fur farming ban

An Estonian fashion brand Tallinn Dolls launched a special “silver fox” collection to support an Estonian animal advocacy organization Loomus in their campaign against fur farms.

“The collection was created to spread love towards animals,” said the manager of Tallinn Dolls Mari Martin. “We wish to draw attention to the issue of fur farms and support a national ban,” told Martin and added that the silver fox symbolizes respect for animals.

“This exceptional initiative by Tallinn Dolls is both generous and commendable, as by giving a helping hand to Loomus, Tallinn Dolls is boosting animal advocates in their difficult work,” said the head of Loomus communications Annika Lepp. “The collection by Tallinn Dolls is a perfect example of cooperation between businesses and the third sector.”

The models of the special collection are Estonian celebrities Hanna Martinson, Maria Avdjushko and Anu Saagim.

By using the code “Loomus10” you will receive a discount of 10% , whereby 10% of the sum will be directed to Loomus.