Popular Programme „10 Weeks to Vegan“ Has Arrived to Estonia

International vegan organisation Vegan Outreach and animal advocacy organisation Loomus have collaborated to create an Estonan version of the popular programme „10 Weeks to Vegan“, which is available in more than 30 countries.

Programme „10 Weeks to Vegan“ is free for everyone and every week the participants will receive an email, which consists of tips and information that will help them transition into a vegan diet. In addition, there is a private group on Facebook, where a friendly community awaits: those who have joined the programme as well as already experienced plant based members, who share their experiences.

During the challenge, the participants can expect simple and nourishing recipes, product recommendations, helpful tips, nutritional information from a registerred dietitian and much more.

Loomus board member Anu Tensing says that „10 Weeks to Vegan“ is an excellent opportunity to familiarise oneself with veganism at an easygoing pace and change your diet and lifestyle to be more animal friendly. „Caring for animals and plant based food has never been more accessible and easy as now. We are inviting everyone to take part of the challenge and hopefully the participants will choose vegan food even when the 10 weeks have passed,“ she added.

In addition to Estonia, „10 Weeks to Vegan“ is also available in countries like Germany, Sweden, Romania, USA and Australia. Every country has adjusted the programme logo according to the common foods among locals. The Estonian version’s logo depicts one-pot meal.

„We discussed for a while whether to stick with the hamburger on the original logo or to create something more Estonian. Because one-pot meal isn’t foreign to probably any Estonian and is very easy to make with plant based ingredients as well, for example using soya mince or beans, it seemed like the best choice,“ explained Tensing.

The free programme can be joined on the Vegan Outreach home page.