New animal advocacy organization to represent the interests of animals in social discussions

In the beginning of May 2014, an animal advocacy organization Loomus was formed in Estonia. Loomus aims to protect the rights of animals and represent their interests in social discussions.

Loomus is mainly concentrating on the interests of fur animals, farm animals, animals used in entertainment and laboratories. Members of Loomus are experienced animal activists, who have been working in different Estonian animal organizations. Among others, the ranks of Loomus include the former spokesperson of animal rights movement Loomade Nimel Kristina Mering, former board members of the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals Helen Roosimägi, Tania Selart and Annika Lepp, owners of the Estonian vegan restaurant V Mikk Mägi and Loore Emilie Raav. Until the beginning of May, the organisation was called NGO Kuulikodu, which was created in 2005.

“We made the decision to change the course of the organization in the beginning of the year, when we stopped accepting new animals into the shelter. In March this year, we also closed our animal rescue hotline, which was operating for eight years. Since there is no animal advocacy organization in Estonia, the former Kuulikodu decided to become one, as our membership includes a number of experienced animal activists,” Kadri Taperson, the head of NGO Loomus explained. According to Taperson the transition to animal advocacy is natural, and essential from the standpoint of animal protection.

On March 14 Loomus introduced its first campaign to support the attempts to ban fur farming in Estonia.