Reval Denim Guild to join the Fur Free Retailer program

Popular Estonian brands Reval Denim Guild and GUILD joined the international Fur Free Retailer program, which member designers, fashion houses, clothing chains and stores are neither producing nor selling any products made out of real fur.

revaldenimguildWe joined the program, because we value ethical production. We joined, because it is time to show that we care. It is time for all of us to stand for what is right. How else can we change the world for the better?” said Joan Hint, the creator and art director of Reval Denim Guild and GUILD.

By establishing fur free principles, Reval Denim Guild joins other famous high-end brands and store chains like Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, H&M, Esprit, Lindex, Etnies, O’Neill and others. From Estonia, Aus Design OÜ, WÖÖ, Kalle HT, KÄT, Perit Muuga, Mari Design and TUUB have joined the program.

The representative of the Fur Free Retailer program in Estonia is NGO animal advocacy organization Loomus.

About Reval Denim Guild:

GUILD is an atelier and design house based in Tallinn, Estonia.
Merging art with crafts, the ambition of GUILD is excellence together with ethical innovation – contemporary yet timeless apparel made of natural materials and in a truly harmonious environment.
All is created under one roof in GUILD’s hometown Tallinn, just like in bygone times when artisans joined under guilds with an oath to give their best in everything they do.

REVAL DENIM GUILD is a storytelling denim brand based in Tallinn.
Dedicated to excellence together with innovation the very first denim guild in the world stands for traditional methods and locally made garments with stories behind them.
Clear cuts with a hint of nobility and a bit of magic mark their approach to denim while supporting the revelation of our inner characters.