VIDEO: Watch what people from ten different fields of life think of fur farms

The campaign “I’m on the animals’ side” by the Estonian animal advocacy organization Loomus continues with statements on why fur farms belong to the past by ten people from ten different fields of life. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.11.44In these video clips, veterinarian Andrus Joost, entrepreneur Indrek Kasela, streetcar driver Marika Nekljudova, actor Ivo Uukkivi, gynecologist Kai Haldre, music editor Tiia Teder, singer and guitarist Markus Teeäär, designer and fashion blogger Helene Vetik, musician Jaan Sööt and violist Kaja Kiho have the chance to speak their minds. The operator and the editor of the clips is Valter Nõmm.

The videos have been published on Loomus’ Facebook page, Youtube channel and website. From the end of May until the middle of June the clips were screened at the cinema “Sõprus” in Tallinn.

20 Estonian celebrities announced that they support banning fur farms in the “I’m on the animals’ side” campaign last year. Ardo Kivi, Elina Born, Hasso Krull, Ivo Uukkivi, Jaan Kaplinski, Jim Ashilevi, Kadi Toom, Kaido Põldma, Kalle Kurg, Kallervo Karu, Karolin Kuusik, Kristjan Sarv, Lenna Kuurmaa, Loore Martma, Madis Nestor, Margit Keerdo, Maria Avdjuško, Nero Urke, Tõnu Trubetsky and Veiko Õunpuu announced their support towards this issue.

Altogether, the petition for banning fur farms gathered 1180 digital signatures and close to 9000 handwritten or e-mail signatures. At the end of last year, the NGO Loomus delivered the signatures and the respective registered letter to the Estonian parliament Riigikogu. On June 2, a public discussion on the registered letter was held in the Rural Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Estonia. The discussion will continue at the end of this year, when the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture’s impact assessment on this issue will be completed.


VIDEOS (with English subtitles)

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Ivo Uukkivi:

Tiia Teder:

Indrek Kasela:

Marika Nekljudova:

Markus Teeäär:

Kaja Kiho:

Helene Vetik:

Andrus Joost:

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