Meri Külm

Meri Külm is a junior researcher from Estonia. She feels passionate about animal rights and is continually learning how to implement the core values behind the social movement in everyday life – on a personal and a societal level. With a background in sociology, Meri works as an analyst at the Centre for Applied Social Sciences (University of Tartu) and as a strategy consultant at DD StratLab.

The image of veganism in the Estonian online media outlets

As a Bachelor’s thesis Meri Külm conducted research on how veganism is portrayed in the Estonian mass media. In order to better understand the position of veganism in the Estonian society, stories published by the six main online media outlets during the years of 2015-2018 were analysed. In her presentation Meri will give you an overview of the results and reflect on them in comparison with the years 2019-2020.