Palun pane tähele, et kõik ajad on Tallinna aja järgi (CEST + 1)/(UTC + 3).
Please note that all times in the programme are Tallinn time (CEST + 1)/(UTC + 3).

Day 1 – May 8th

10.00-10.15 OrganisersOpening of the conference

Panel 1: Nonhuman animals in language and culture
Moderator: Saara Mildeberg

10.15-10.45Keynote: Salla TuomivaaraProximity, immersion, distance and difference in the study of animals and other alterities
Session 1
10.45-11.15Rebecca JonesSpeculations on Species: Ecofeminist Science Fiction as Academia and Activism
11.15-11.45Christina VasilopoulouFrom Fur Trims to Alien Species: Discourses on Minks Exploited for their Furs in Kastoria, Greece
Session 2
12.00-12.30Kosma LechowiczTransgressive vulnerability: a way towards recognising interconnectedness within the biosphere
12.30-13.00Maki EguchiTeaching Animal Studies and Understanding Different Cultures: A Case Study of a World Literature and Japanese Literature Course
13.00-13.30Lisa Herrmann-FertigThe Soundscape of theyyam Rituals in North Kerala from the Perspective of Multispecies Research: Interdependence of Humans, Nonhuman Animals and Ecosystems
13.30-14.30Lunch break

Panel 2: Intersectionality – entanglement of animal and human rights
Moderator: Kadri Aavik

14.30-15.15Keynote: Corey Lee WrennCharities, Computers, and Capitalism: How Animal Rights Entered Its Third Wave and What the Future Holds
15.15-15.45Kadri TapersonIf we are fighting for animal liberation – what are we talking about
15.45-16.15Daniela Rosendo, Fabio A. G. Oliveira, Tânia A. KuhnenColoniality and Speciesism: Reflections from the South

Panel 3: Veganism and social justice
Moderator: Farištamo Eller

16.30-17.15Keynote: Vasile Stanescu Birds of a Feather: Animal Liberation, Veganism and Social Justice
17.15-17.45Meri KülmThe image of veganism in the Estonian online media outlets
17.45-18.15Kadri AavikVeganism as a pathway towards more egalitarian masculinities? Exploring men’s vegan narratives from an intersectional feminist perspective
18.15-19.15Organisers, participantsVirtual conference reception

Day 2 – May 9th

Panel 4: Animal rights activism and policy practices: looking to the future
Moderator: Anny Drobet

10.00-10.45 Keynote: Ronnie LeeHow do we achieve animal liberation?
Session 1
10.45-11.15Joaquín Fernández-Mateo & Alberto José Franco-BarreraAnimal Liberation on the Streets: the Vegan Street Madrid
11.15-11.45Birgitta Wahlberg Fundamental Animal Rights: Proposal by the Finnish Animal Rights Lawyers Society
Session 2
12.00-12.30Jah Ying ChungChallenge and Change in China: Key Insights and Recommendations from a Thematic Analysis
12.30-13.00Norma Contreras HernándezThe Tango of Mexican animal rights regulation — two steps forward and one step back? 

Panel 5: Redefining agency and rights
Moderator: Sirli Spelman

14.00-14.45Keynote: Eva MeijerThe role of language in multispecies politics: towards a theory of political animal voices
Session 1
14.45-15.15Marine LercierRedefining human-animal labour relations for the 21st century
15.15-15.45Annika HugossonThe ethical ramifications of snake accessorization: confronting the usage of snakes and their skins in fashion
Session 2
16.00-16.30Marie Leth-EspensenChallenging Law’s Violent Regimes of Care: Sanctuary-Making in Rural Denmark
16.30-17.00Marcin MielewczykEnergy security. Study of the impact of nuclear energy on the society and environment from the perspective of multi-species ethnography on the example of the Polish Nuclear Power Plant Żarnowiec
17.00-17.30OrganisersClosing of the conference