Together we can give animals a better future

We can influence the society because of you.

Thank you for helping, thinking along, donating and showing your support for the animals.

Millions of animals need someone to speak up for them; the more animal advocates there are, the easier it is for us to do something for the animals in this
human-centered society. In order to stand up for the animals, you do not have to call yourself an animal advocate, belong to an organization or work for animals every day and
every hour. But you can definitely support those who have chosen animal advocacy as their mission in life.

Loomus has 29 members and two employees. With this small team, with whom we share the same views, we can achieve a lot. There are people among us who have been active in
animal advocacy for decades, have led organizations and who can be thought of as animal advocacy experts.

We consider our most important activities to be:

• Continuous campaigns and lobbying for banning fur farms.

• Campaigns and lobbying for banning the use of wild animals in circuses.

• Daily media work to spread the news related to animal advocacy.

• Developing a cooperation network for animal protection organizations; monitoring the obedience of animal protection laws and regulations.

• Organizing big events – Animal rights conference, Tallinn Vegan Fair, film screenings etc.

• Day-to-day readiness to stand up for the animals in interaction with officials, animal friends, politicians, international organizations, other
animal advocates around the world.

• Belonging to international networks Fur Free Alliance and ENDCAP (European Network to End the Keeping of Wild Animals in
Captivity), Loomus represents the Fur Free Retailer program in Estonia.

Thank you for being with us.

Kadri Taperson

Manager of Loomus


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